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Scott Hammond
  • Hafjell in Øyer, Norway

About Scott

Originally from London, I moved to the alps for a winter and never looked back. Now settled in the amazing surrounding of the Lillehammer valley.

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  • 5.0/5
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    I consider myself a pretty decent skier. Especially Telemark which I have been doing for several years. Yet, being humble to the sport I allow my... More...

  • 4.7/5
    Rob Stewart
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    Scott helped me out when I needed to improve my telemark skiing. I'm a ski instructor myself and have taken training and instruction from many hi... More...

  • 5.0/5
    Rune Nerhagen
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    Scott is an excellent instructor. His love for skiing and everything that has to do with skiing is very much noticable and is something that in m... More...

  • 5.0/5
    Andrew Baillie
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    Very patient, very knowledgable. He picks up very quickly on your current abilities and understanding, and pitches his teaching at your level. I ... More...