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Scott Hammond
  • Hafjell in Øyer, Norway

About Scott

Originally from London, I moved to the alps for a winter and never looked back. Now settled in the amazing surrounding of the Lillehammer valley.

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Glenn Flag as Inappropriate

Date of lesson: 18/02/2012

Date of review: 07/11/2012

I consider myself a pretty decent skier. Especially Telemark which I have been doing for several years. Yet, being humble to the sport I allow myself a few lessons every year. When I do it@s with scott. He sees your flaws immediatly, points them out and creates fun excerises to work on them. You take these excercises with you onto the pist alone, simply because they are fun to do. If I said I was an able skier it was really until I skied with Scott. Then I realised how incredibly much I have to learn. Seeing him ski is like watching Kate Moss or Naomi Campell on the catwalk. Itīs fluent, graceful and sexy. After a lesson with Scott there is a pretty good chance he will share a coffee or even a a beer if itīs end of day. Over refreshments there will only be one topic on the agenda, skiing. His passion for skiing is beyond comparison. His practical lesson from the slope will migrate to a theoretical lesson on skiing and equipment during the brake. His passion and enthusiasm is contagious, and you will take this delicious bug with you for the rest of the season. Take a lesson with Scott and you will know what I am talking about. Glenn


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