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Scott Hammond
  • Hafjell in Øyer, Norway

About Scott

Originally from London, I moved to the alps for a winter and never looked back. Now settled in the amazing surrounding of the Lillehammer valley.

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Rob Stewart Flag as Inappropriate

Date of lesson: 22/01/2008

Date of review: 07/11/2012

Scott helped me out when I needed to improve my telemark skiing. I'm a ski instructor myself and have taken training and instruction from many high level ski teachers. Scott certainly delivered on all levels. Apart from the fact that he's one of the best telemark skiers I've ever seen, his understanding of the technical aspects of the sport was incredible. I had to pass an examination in telemark skiing to qualify as an ISIA instructor and I had probably done about 5 days telemark skiing before spending time with Scott. I have absolutely no doubt that without the lessons I had with Scott (about 5 hours private in total) I would have failed the exam. The tools he gave me to go away and practice with were an invaluable investment. I'm sure as an alpine ski instructor he gives the same clarity, thought and passion throughout his lessons as he does as a telemark instructor and if you travel to Norway and want ski lessons in English I would seriously recommend taking them with Scott.


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