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As your instructor, how professional was Louise? Were they on time, did they look smart or at least the part? Did you feel comfortable and safe with them?

How much did you enjoy your lesson? Was it fun? Were they creative? How big was your smile?

How well did Louise communicate? Were they enthusiastic? Were they patient? Did you understand the tasks they set?

How did you rate the quality of tuition Louise gave to you? Did they structure your lesson well? Did they give you quality feedback?

How much did Louise help you learn or improve upon during your lesson? Did you achieve or make a step closer to your goal?

Do you feel you received value for money from your lesson with Louise? Money well spent? Knowing what you do now would you book again?

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The benefits of writing an instructor review

Why review our instructor? Help others (and you in future) decide who might be suitable for their lesson. Recognise great instructors. Help your instructor/guide/ski school improve and be the best that they can be!

Review your instructor here by answering some questions and/or filling out the comment box below.

What makes for a good review?

Writing a good review is about being honest and constructive, giving feedback on areas within the instructors control - for instance bad weather or lack of snow is difficult for an instructor to control, but how they adapt a lesson to it is. Remember this is your opportunity to recognise top class teaching, so if you loved your lesson tell them!